Tidbits from the Top

Safety Culture – Accident-Free Days

Economy Garages conducts its operations with safety in mind from sales through the final building crew.  Our Safety Director spends many hours annually developing and updating our Safety Plan so that we progress with the times.  Continuous safety education is found throughout sales, office staff, and all production members which includes American Heart Certification Training in First Aid and AED use.  Economy Garages’ production employees are extensively trained and provided with state-of-the-art Personal Protective Equipment from fall protection and AED’s right down to ice cleats and ear plugs.  Employees can remain safety-current by utilizing their phones to access our training curriculum.  Economy Garages rewards safety behaviors with milestone meals and annual achievement parties.  Instant rewards are offered when employees are caught doing the right thing.  We give many rewards and are very proud of our safety climate!

Jamie Bird

Jamie Bird

Owner, General Manager, CEO, CFO

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