Production Zones

Our production zones are broken up in a way that allows us to work efficiently and ensure our customers are getting the best prices. All our work is based out of Hermantown, MN and though we travel quite a distance to some of our job sites, the costs to build far away increase. As you can imagine some of those costs include; hotels, gasoline, and labor. So, by breaking up our production area into zones, it allows us to keep costs down as much as we can in each territory as well as provide accurate quotes to our customers.

Zones are also broken up by Excavation, Concrete, and Building. We build all over northern MN and WI and our prices compete well with the local conctractors, but it doesn’t always make sense for us to travel that far for concrete or excavation because the cost for you to find someone in your area for those parts of the project may be less.

If you are interested in seeing where you fall on our map, check out our zones here!