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Excavation Zones

Economy Garages does not prepare sites in all our concrete or building zones due to the type of equipment that must be transported and the location of pits to get the material needed to prepare the site.  In Minnesota, our zone is roughly outlined by Two Harbors, Tower, Virginia, Hibbing, Grand Rapids, McGregor, and Hinckley.  In Wisconsin, the rough outline is Grantsburg, Hayward, Drummond, Mason, Ashland, and Lake Superior shoreline.  Visit our website at economygarages.com to look at our zone maps and see if we excavate in your area.

MN Excavation Zones

These are the zones we travel to do excavation.

WI Excavation Zones

These are the zones we travel to for excavation.

Jamie Bird

Jamie Bird

Owner, General Manager, CEO, CFO

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