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I find it interesting when contractors say there is no cost for clean-up.  Are they saying that their employees are not getting paid, gas is free, or landfills don’t charge anything?  These costs are embedded in the price for everything companies do, including ours.  Economy Garages’ customers have the option to remove the cost of the clean-up from their total building price if they are willing to properly dispose of the scrap building materials.  Each of our zones has different clean-up costs built into the total cost of the building.  Further zones have a higher cost of travel and time; therefore, more credit would be given if customers are willing to take care of it themselves.

Jamie Bird

Jamie Bird

Owner, General Manager, CEO, CFO

All our tidbits come directly from the top. Sharing our knowledge and processes with consumers as accurately as possible is what we strive for. The fewer people that information gets passed through, the more accurate it is!