Tidbits from the Top


Welcome to our newest informative feature, “Tidbits from the Top”. These tidbits will inform you about topics relating to the building industry that may impact your building project. These topics will range from what to expect from a sales call, code concerns, types of building materials, building procedures, product availability, current issues in the industry and so much more!  We look forward to providing the latest updates in the industry and sharing our extensive knowledge with you. Each “Tidbit” will accompany the weekly special.  Tidbits will be archived for your convenience on EconomyGarages.com.

Jamie Bird

Jamie Bird

Owner, General Manager, CEO, CFO

All our tidbits come directly from the top. Sharing our knowledge and processes with consumers as accurately as possible is what we strive for. The fewer people that information gets passed through, the more accurate it is!

Jamie takes part in everything from finance to onsite production and is extremely knowledgable in code, building products, and current construction trends.