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Economy Garages  Owner Background

So, you may be asking yourself, “Who is the dufus writing these Tidbits and why should I believe they’re correct?”  Hi, my name is Jamie Bird, and I am that dufus.  I entered the building trades arena in 1988 while attending secondary education on my way to a degree in the computer field.  I was intrigued with the building of structures and the science that backed it.  In 1996, I was employed by Economy Garages, became an owner in 2000, and a sole owner in 2017.  Over the years, I’ve acquired builder’s licenses in Minnesota and Wisconsin which utilize two different sets of codes, attended many national trade shows which included many educational classes covering a wide range of topics, and numerous continuing education seminars required to maintain the licenses.  My experiences over these many years, good and bad, have given me the knowledge to inform our followers on “Tidbits from the Top”.

Jamie Bird

Jamie Bird

Owner, General Manager, CEO, CFO

All our tidbits come directly from the top. Sharing our knowledge and processes with consumers as accurately as possible is what we strive for. The fewer people that information gets passed through, the more accurate it is!