What We Build

Our scope of business allows us to build more quality buildings for the members of our community each year. 

We Do

  • Single family, one story residential accessory buildings
  • Single family, one story cabin shells
  • Single family, one story dwelling shells
  • Commercial accessory buildings
  • Excavation for our buildings in most areas – ask your Sales Representative if we cover your area
  • Concrete for our buildings

We Don’t Do

  • Sites inaccessible by standard delivery vehicles
  • Buildings less than 280 Sq. Ft. unless another building is constructed at the same site simultaneously
  • Attachments to existing buildings
  • Frost footings
  • Poured concrete curbs
  • Insulated concrete forms (ICF’s)
  • Buildings requiring 2×8 wall studs
  • Eave stud walls exceeding a stud height of 10′
  • Gable walls exceeding 16′ from top of slab to bottom cord of truss
  • Buildings that exceed 26′ from top of slab to peak
  • Buildings with a truss span over 40′
  • Truss pitches more than 6/12
  • Room-in-attic trusses – floor loading of 40 lbs. psf & vertical walls
  • Truss systems that include valleys
  • Dormers – including fake dormers
  • Isulating
  • Interior wall sheeting/coverings – except a single side of an interior partition wall
  • Decks – platform larger than 6′ x 4′